WellClean Service Agreement

This agreement shall regulate the relationship between service provider WellClean Solutions Inc. (“WellClean” or “we”) and the customer (“you”) who approved the quote issued by WellClean. By approving the quote and getting the services from WellClean you shall irrevocably and unconditionally accept all the terms described below or sent to you via text or email, or stated on any documents like quote (estimate), job, or invoice as well as price, scope of services, date and time of service approved by you. 

What to expect from WellClean?

Cleaning Products and Equipment

WellClean will bring all the necessary professional-grade equipment and cleaning products that are cruelty-free, and made without parabens or phthalates. If you wish to provide your cleaning products or equipment – no problem, we will accommodate you! Just let us know about it.
Other than that – you don’t need to worry about providing us with anything unless it was discussed beforehand. 

WellClean doesn’t use any chemically aggressive cleaning items like bleach or aerosol Easy-Off oven spray.

One-Hour Arrival Window 

Our cleaning crews work hard to stay on track and arrive at your home on time. However, due to the nature of the cleaning industry, the previous order may take longer or there may be heavy traffic that affects the arrival times. Hence our cleaning crew can arrive within one hour before or after the agreed time. We would appreciate your understanding if such situations happen – we do our best!

Trained and Insured Employees

WellClean cleaners went through the comprehensive multi-week training program and fit all the WellClean standards to perform any kind of cleaning that we offer. They know how to deal with all kinds of surfaces like marble, steel, or hardwood floors and are ready to deliver the best industry cleaning experience to you. You can rest safe by knowing that WellClean cleaners are insured for all accidents with a Comprehensive General Liability of up to $2,000,000.

Scope of Work

Our cleaners perform the initial walkthrough to match the state of your home to the ordered type of cleaning (Regular/Deep/Post-Construction/etc) before they commence the cleaning. We provide a detailed scope of work on our website on the corresponding page to the type of service. Please make sure the selected service fits your needs or better give us a call and we will guide you! 

In case our cleaners find out that the state of your home doesn’t match the ordered service there are a few options for you:

  • Approve additional scope and charges. You can discuss with the WellClean office the additional work and charges – in case the solution works for both of us we will perform the newly approved scope of work
  • Keep the same cleaning type. In case you don’t wish to pay extra – WellClean cleaners will complete the job according to the described scope of work of the ordered service. In case we advise you to upgrade to a more comprehensive type of cleaning (i.e. from Basic to Deep) during the walkthrough, and you decide to keep the originally ordered service, it might result that the selected cleaning type doesn’t fit your case and there is a high likelihood the final result might be not as thorough as it should be to get your home 100% spotless. There may be some imperfections because we will be limited with the cleaning sope selected by you.
  • Cancel Cleaning Services. You may refuse both of the options above which will result in the order cancellation from your side and WellClean will charge your account according to the cancellation policy.

Time-Based Services

WellClean offers a flat rate on most services to avoid any kind of subjective views on the length of the service, except for the following services:

  • Windows Cleaning both Interior and Exterior
  • Cabinets Cleaning
  • Hourly Cleaning (includes Bathroom or Kitchen Cleaning Packages that include 2 hours of cleaners work)

The following process is set by WellClean to 

    1. Agree on the initial number of hours during the Quoting
      1. WellClean will quote you for a certain number of hours of work that we agree on in the Quote that you approve
    2. Update the estimated hours during the Walkthrough 
      1. WellClean cleaners will arrive at your home, complete the pre-cleaning walkthrough, and notify you about the expected time to complete the cleaning. The expected time will be communicated to our office and office workers shall text you the estimated time frame of the hourly service. 
      2. This is done so you can have a better understanding of your final bill and the scop
  • The Walkthrough Estimate is an Estimate and the actual time spent to complete the discussed scope of work may change
    1. If you don’t wish to exceed the estimated time, please communicate it to our office directly. In such cases, cleaners will not go over the estimated limit but in some cases, there would be still some outstanding work to do
  1. Bill for the actual time spent
    1. Upon completion, WellClean cleaners will communicate the actual time spent to the office and WellClean will issue the final bill

Service Limitations


  • Cleaners will not move anything heavier than 35 lbs – Our cleaners will not lift or move anything heavier than 35 lbs. This is in place to prevent injuries or damage to your property like scratching the floor while moving objects.
  • Cleaners will not clean behind sofas/beds/fridges/ovens/TV stand/etc 
    • Unless you move these objects yourself before the cleaning. 
    • And you ordered a cleaning type like Deep, Move In/Out, Post-Construction, or Post-Renovation 
    • If you ordered Basic Cleaning(can be named: First-Time Cleaning, Regular Cleaning, etc) and wish to clean behind and under-stated objects – an additional fee will apply. Let cleaners know about it and the WellClean office will contact 
  • Cleaners will clean only within acceptable reach and will not climb any higher than a 2-step stool, ladder, or any other unstable platform like a chair, etc
  • Cleaners shall not clean any chandeliers since this is a separate dedicated service and it’s out of the scope of our services
  • Odor-aggressive environment – WellClean cleaners will not perform any cleaning services in case they cannot properly breathe fresh air at your place due to the cleanliness condition in your apartment or excessive use of scented products, incense sticks, mold, mildew, or any other odor. This is subjective but we cannot make cleaners work in the environment that may harm their health. If the odor cannot be removed immediately it will lead to the service cancellation and applicable charges as per our cancellation policy.
  • Human or animal feces – WellClean does not deal with any kind of human or animal feces including any kind of home pets, rodents, raccoons, home birds, or pigeons 
  • Pests-infected homes – WellClean shall not conduct any services in a place that has pests or any of their signs. If WellClean employees find pests or their sign the service will be cancelled you you will be charged according to the cancellation policy. 
  • Grout and caulking restoration or rejuvenation – Even though WellClean uses professional-grade equipment and cleaning solutions, we cannot guarantee that grout or caulking will look whiter and we cannot remove dirt, mold, and mildew that got inside the pores. The only way to solve dirt/mold that got into the pores of material – is to recaulk or regrout and these services are not performed by WellClean.
  • WellClean does not perform decluttering services.

Service Limitations By Cleaning Type

Post-Construction & Post-Renovation

  • While we strive to remove all construction dust from the property it is impossible to remove 100% of construction dust during Post-Construction and Post-Renovation cleaning. The construction dust is all over in the air, and will gradually fall on surfaces even after the cleaning. It will be the remaining 2-3% of construction dust left in the air and it is normal to take 2-3 general light cleaning after to completely get rid of dust. 
  • WellClean does not complete the rough cleaning that is supposed to be done by contractors. The place should be free of construction debris, wires, plumbing, and floor protection covering and be generally swept and vacuumed. Our cleaners will report this situation and it may result in the increased rate offered to you by WellClean to cover additional work or the service cancellation with the applicable fees (please see our cancellation policy)

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

  • WellClean uses professional-grade cleaning solutions and equipment to clean carpets, rugs, and upholstery. However, we cannot guarantee the removal of all kinds of spots since some spots are impossible to remove (like a permanent marker) or the soil level can be too excessive to deal with.

Pets Policies

WellClean is pet-friends and we love animals! We show a lot of love towards them and we are hoping to expect the same. Hence we have the following rules. 

Aggressive Pets

In case your pets don’t react well to our cleaners and they fear your domestic friends, we may ask you to lock them in a cage or separate room. If that’s not possible and our cleaners cannot safely stay at your home, it will result in the cancellation of the service and applicable fees. Please refer to the cancellation policy section.

Aggressiveness may include but is not limited to excessive barking, growling, attacking, parrots screaming, or other ways to physically or mentally harm our cleaners.

Pets Escaping From The Premises

WellClean performs cleaning services and we dedicate all our focus to that. Sometimes we may need to step away from our home or go to the balcony to perform cleaning or grab tools from the car. We try our best to not let your pets escape the premises, though we cannot guarantee this and shall not be liable in case this happens. 

Pets Harm

As we noticed, we love your pets, so under no circumstances our cleaners can cause harm to your pets unless this is self-defense in case your pets are aggressive. Our cleaning supplies are all eco- and pets- safe, we even use Steam Cleaning for oven cleaning instead of harmful or even deadly aerosol cleaners like Easy-Off, so there is no to minimal risk for pets to be harmed. We make all efforts never to let this happen, though if there is damage due to cleaning supplies WellClean shall not be liable and you should address all your claims to the cleaning supply manufacturers. WellClean is not liable in case of any other damages to your pets in all other circumstances. 

Cancellation Policy

WellClean understands that sometimes there is a need to cancel or reschedule the appointments that’s why you are free to do so in case you notify us 48 or more hours before the cleaning. 

In case there is a request from you within 48 hours before the cleaning date and time or there is a violation of our Service Limitations we shall apply the following charges.

For New clients:

  • WellClean shall charge the card you provided us during the deposit payment with a 100% charge of the amount stated on the Quote approved by you up to the $200 threshold 

For Existing Customers (in case you subscribed to recurring cleaning(Weekly, Bi-Weekly, etc..) or your next order is within 30 calendar days from the previous order)

  • WellClean shall offer ONE cancellation or reschedule within 48 hours of the scheduled cleaning every 6 months. So in case less than 6 months have passed since the violation of our cancellation or rescheduling policy we shall charge you
  • It is a flat charge fee of $100 per visit. 

WellClean never intends to excessively exercise the Cancellation Policy, since our goal is to provide fantastic cleaning services that make your life easier. A cancellation Policy is in place to help us have a consistent schedule and avoid operational chaos. It allows us to be on top of the cleaning game.

Refund Policy

WellClean does not provide a partial or full refund on the services, but we offer a 48-hour guarantee of our services. Please let us know immediately of any quality issue – we will arrive and fix it within the next 2 days. We are not gonna lie, such occasions happen to everyone, but we take it seriously and in case of the occurrence, we fix it and learn from it. Please reach out to us – we will find a solution!