Aurora Cleaning

WellClean provides high-quality, customized residential and commercial cleaning services in the Aurora area.

Keeping a clean, healthy home is important. But tackling endless chores takes time away from what really matters – family, work, hobbies. That’s why more Aurora homeowners are partnering with WellClean for professional cleaning services. 

As a top-rated cleaning service, WellClean offers customized ongoing or one-time cleanings for busy people who need an expert cleaning crew they can trust inside their homes.

From environmentally friendly products to meticulous attention to detail, we tailor each aspect of our Aurora home cleaning service to meet client needs. 

With WellClean, expect:

  • A proven cleaning system developed through years of experience to clean each home effectively top-to-bottom.
  • A crew of trusted cleaners with the necessary professional-grade tools and products
  • A quality check to ensure your home gets cleaned to your custom specifications after each visit.

Aurora House Cleaning Service Packages

WellClean offers flexible cleaning packages tailored to each client’s unique situation and budget:

1. Ongoing House Cleaning 

Regular maintenance cleanings tackle dirt before it builds up. Great for busy clients wanting deeper cleanings on an ongoing schedule.

With regular service, the same individually insured cleaner or team tidies up on recurring visits. They become familiar with your home’s layout, any trouble spots, and cleaning preferences. No need to explain instructions each time.

Ongoing service works on a set schedule ranging from every week to once a month. We arrive on the same weekday or weekend day based around our client’s lifestyle needs.

This package works well paired with periodic deep cleanings.

2. Deep Cleaning

Deep cleanings ensure your entire home gets scrubbed from top-to-bottom – ceilings fans, baseboards, window tracks and all! We tackle every nook and cranny that collects grime, giving the whole house a fresher feeling.

It’s perfect for prepping your space before big events, the busy holiday season, returning from vacation, or just giving your home an invigorating seasonal refresh.

Our deep cleaning package includes meticulously scrubbing all surfaces, protective furnishings draped, floor mopping and grout steam cleaning. For finishes needing some extra attention, you can customize the package by adding specialty services like Aurora carpet cleaning.

3. Move-In/Out Cleaning  

New rental or real estate purchases can cause anxious moments wondering about previous occupants and if management companies properly cleaned before the walkthrough.

Likewise, moving out of a well-loved home can make meticulously tidying for full deposit returns stressful.

That’s why more residents partner with WellClean for start-to-finish move cleaning services.

Before moving your items and family in, we deep clean the new property, eliminating lingering scents or stains from past residents. After moving out, we ensure the home is ready for full security deposit refunds.We even provide specialty cleaning like Aurora window washing and carpet steam cleaning to get the new home or rental looking its absolute best on day one.

Why Choose WellClean For Aurora Home Cleaning?

Hiring our Aurora house cleaning professionals means:

1. Trained Cleaners You Can Trust

We thoroughly vet all employees, including background checks so you can relax knowing our crews are working inside your home.


2. Flexible Scheduling 

Cleanings are available on weekdays, weekends, and evenings to match your family’s schedule. You can even get an Aurora one-time cleaning service for special occasions.  

3. Eco-Friendly Products

Our Aurora carpet cleaning, window washing, and full-service house cleanings are powered by eco-friendly products and the latest equipment like anti-allergen HEPA vacuums.

We only use plant-based cleaners certified safe around children and pets by environmental agencies like the EPA. That peace of mind helps our clients relax while we tidy up.

4. Competitive Pricing

Special package rates are tailored to each client’s cleaning plan and budget needs.

5. Methodical Top-Down Cleaning

 By systematically working our way down from ceilings to floors, we are able to capture dust and allergens before they settle back onto surfaces.  

6. Attention to Detail

WellClean crews know the cleaning devil is in the details other services miss like baseboards, ceiling fans, and window tracks. We clean every nook and cranny.

Contact WellClean for a Free Estimate 

Contact us to schedule a free estimate. We will discuss your cleaning needs and areas requiring attention in your Aurora home and provide a customized quality cleaning quote.

We look forward to helping you enjoy a cleaner, healthier home through our affordable Aurora cleaning packages.

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That’s How We Clean

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Basic Cleaning
Deep Cleaning
Clean all horizontal Surfaces and Knick Knacks
Wet Cleaning
Wet Cleaning
Doors and Door frames
Wet Cleaning
Lamps & Fans
Wet Cleaning
Mop Floors & Vacuum
Under beds and furniture
Take out Garbage
Clean Railings & Stairs
Wipe furniture exteriors
Excessive dust
Cleaning behind furniture
Light Furniture Only
Add-on Service Windows Cleaning - Interior
Add-on Service Windows Cleaning - Exterior
Add-on Service Wall Cleaning
Add-on Service Upholstery Cleaning (couches, sofas, etc)
Add-on Service Carpet/Rug Cleaning
Area size and number of rooms
Total number of selected services
The level of the room's dirtiness
Suitable cleaning products
Cleaning method
Basic Cleaning
Deep Cleaning
Clean countertops, cabinets, backslashes
Degrease & clean stove
Clean sink and polish faucet
Wipe appliance exteriors
Clean excessive grease on kitchen surfaces
Move & Clean under countertop appliances
Behind Fridge/Stove if moved by customer
Add-on Service Oven inside
Add-on Service Microwave inside
Add-on Service Inside Fridge - Generic
Add-on Service Inside Fridge - Detailing/Deep
Add-on Service Cabinets inside
Add-on Service Dishwasher inside
Area size and number of rooms
Total number of selected services
The level of the room's dirtiness
Suitable cleaning products
Cleaning method
Basic Cleaning
Deep Cleaning
Disinfect & Sanitize toilet bowl and fixtures
more detailed clean
Clean tile & grout
more detailed clean
Clean bathtub, shower, sinks and faucets
more detailed clean
Polish every faucet
more detailed clean
Clean excessive grime, dirt and soap scum
Add-on Service Bathroom Steam Cleaning
Area size and number of rooms
Total number of selected services
The level of the room's dirtiness
Suitable cleaning products
Cleaning method
Basic Cleaning
Deep Cleaning
Bathroom Steam Cleaning
Change linens and Make Beds
Mop/Vacuum under bed
more detailed clean
Area size and number of rooms
Total number of selected services
The level of the room's dirtiness
Suitable cleaning products
Cleaning method

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WellClean FAQ

How to Schedule a Cleaning Appointment?
To schedule a cleaning appointment, Call or submit any form on our website. Our cleaning Specialist will be with you within the next 5 minutes to help you find a cleaning solution for you, provide the estimate, and book a cleaning as per your availability.
If I Book Recurring Services, Will I Have the Same Cleaner Each Time?
Yes, you get assigned a cleaner and a manager. The cleaner or a pair of cleaners will be the same each time since we value your privacy. If one of the cleaners is unavailable, we will send another. In any case, all our cleaners are trained professionals and insured! The manager will be responsible for your satisfaction with our services, so please feel free to let us know about all your cleaning needs and preferences.
Do I need to provide any supplies or equipment?
No, we provide a full service. So, we bring our ECO cleaning supplies and specialized professional equipment for every cleaning unless you prefer us to use yours.
What special deals do you have?
  • 5% OFF for cash payments
  • 10% OFF for the first-time cleaning
  • For orders $250+ steam cleaning of the bathroom is complimentary
  • For orders $350+ steam cleaning of the bathroom and microwave cleaning are complimentary
  • If you move and need both homes cleaned, take 20% OFF for both cleanings.
How can I pay?
You can pay with a debit or credit card or cash. We provide an additional 5% discount in case you decide to pay in cash since we avoid processing fees.

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