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WellClean is your trusted home and office cleaning service in Oakville.

For many Oakville residents, keeping their homes as clean as they would like is a struggle. Between work, school, and familial obligations, finding time to thoroughly clean can be a challenge. And even when you make cleaning a priority, lacking the right equipment and techniques often leaves homes short of that sparkling finish.

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You strive to be the best parent, employee, or entrepreneur, and make time in your lives for family and things you enjoy. Everyday tasks such as cooking, laundry, and cleaning house can eat into your time leaving less time to enjoy what you love. Let WellClean do the cleaning and free up your time. Our unique cleaning approach and experience will WOW you.
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That’s How We Clean

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Basic Cleaning
Deep Cleaning
Clean all horizontal Surfaces and Knick Knacks
Wet Cleaning
Wet Cleaning
Doors and Door frames
Wet Cleaning
Lamps & Fans
Wet Cleaning
Mop Floors & Vacuum
Under beds and furniture
Take out Garbage
Clean Railings & Stairs
Wipe furniture exteriors
Excessive dust
Cleaning behind furniture
Light Furniture Only
Add-on Service Windows Cleaning - Interior
Add-on Service Windows Cleaning - Exterior
Add-on Service Wall Cleaning
Add-on Service Upholstery Cleaning (couches, sofas, etc)
Add-on Service Carpet/Rug Cleaning
Area size and number of rooms
Total number of selected services
The level of the room's dirtiness
Cleaning method
Basic Cleaning
Deep Cleaning
Clean countertops, cabinets, backslashes
Degrease & clean stove
Clean sink and polish faucet
Wipe appliance exteriors
Clean excessive grease on kitchen surfaces
Move & Clean under countertop appliances
Behind Fridge/Stove if moved by customer
Add-on Service Oven inside
Add-on Service Microwave inside
Add-on Service Inside Fridge - Generic
Add-on Service Inside Fridge - Detailing/Deep
Add-on Service Cabinets inside
Add-on Service Dishwasher inside
Area size and number of rooms
Total number of selected services
The level of the room's dirtiness
Suitable cleaning products
Cleaning method
Basic Cleaning
Deep Cleaning
Disinfect & Sanitize toilet bowl and fixtures
more detailed clean
Clean tile & grout
more detailed clean
Clean bathtub, shower, sinks and faucets
more detailed clean
Polish every faucet
more detailed clean
Clean excessive grime, dirt and soap scum
Add-on Service Bathroom Steam Cleaning
Area size and number of rooms
Total number of selected services
The level of the room's dirtiness
Suitable cleaning products
Cleaning method
Basic Cleaning
Deep Cleaning
Change linens and Make Beds
Mop/Vacuum under bed
more detailed clean
Area size and number of rooms
Total number of selected services
The level of the room's dirtiness
Suitable cleaning products
Cleaning method

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Don’t let cleaning tasks rob you of time with your family, on the job, pursuing a hobby,
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provides you a comfortable, sparkling clean home.
Fill out any Contact FormOur Cleaning Expert will reach out within 5 minutes to provide an estimate and find the best cleaning solution for you.
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WellClean Oakville Cleaning Services

Local business owners and office managers also want to keep office spaces clean. Workplace cleanliness determines employee health, productivity, and satisfaction. But when will you clean your office space in between other important office duties? 

Comprehensive in-house cleaning is easier said than done. And WellClean is here to take that cleaning burden off your shoulders. Our cleaning service Oakville, brings the tools, techniques, and talent for spotless results:

  • WellClean uses a proven cleaning technique that works, learned from years of professional experience.
  • We bring all the professional tools and technology required to properly clean your space, making sure no corner is missed.
  • A quality assurance check at the end of each cleaning visit ensures your home or office is cleaned to your specifications. Nothing gets overlooked.
  • Our cleaning professionals are extensively trained and insured for every client’s protection.

WellClean House Cleaning Service Oakville 

1. Ongoing House Cleaning
WellClean provides regular house cleaning on a schedule of your choosing. Our plans include weekly, biweekly, or monthly visits from our friendly, uniformed cleaning team. We will thoroughly tidy all the inches of your home. We use tried and tested cleaning methods and commercial-grade eco-friendly supplies that are safe for your family and pets. Our cleaning services guarantee your home maintains a high standard of cleanliness.

2. Deep Cleaning for Homes
Now, we know grime can build up over time in hard-to-reach crevices. That’s why we offer periodic intensive deep cleaning services for homes that need extra care – scrubbing baseboards, polishing furniture, waxing, and restoring hard floors. Our meticulous process leaves no corner untouched.

We also provide a thorough commercial cleaning service Oakville for offices and commercial spaces. From floors to ceilings and everything in between. Our team makes it all shine. We tackle floors, walls, windows, surfaces, kitchen areas, breakrooms, bathrooms, and anything you need!

3. Carpet Cleaning
Our carpet cleaning service Oakville, uses industry-leading equipment and solutions to deep clean your office and home carpets and rugs. We remove spots, stains, allergens, and embedded dirt that vacuums cannot reach.

4. Moving Cleaning
The chaos of packing and relocation inevitably leaves newly purchased or rented spaces with leftover dust, boxes, and other unattractive remnants from previous owners. Or those moving require extensive cleaning, meeting requirements of property walkthroughs and inspections. WellClean offers dedicated move-in, and move-out cleaning catered exactly for these needs:

  • Move-In Cleaning

Allow us to fully clean the kitchen, bathrooms, floors, and other surfaces in your newly acquired Oakville property so you can simply unpack and settle in to an inviting home first day. We’ll wipe away any previous wear and tear, so it feels like your own fresh start.

  • Move-Out Cleaning

When your Oakville lease ends or before listing your home for sale, take advantage of our skilled cleaning crews to tackle all those small repairs and deep scrubbing needed so the space shows impressively. We’ll ensure your property meets all end-of-lease inspection requirements or impresses touring buyers/agents for your quickest sale.

Why You Should Work with WellClean

1. Trained Professionals
Our cleaning professionals complete extensive training to deliver consistent, high-quality results. We invest heavily in developing their technical skills, product knowledge, and customer service best practices. You can trust our team to thoroughly and safely clean your home or office.

2. Eco-Friendly Products
Our cleaning products are safe for you, your pets, and the environment. Still, they are extremely effective at sanitizing and disinfecting all surfaces and materials at your home or office.  WellClean makes sustainability a priority without compromising cleaning power.

3. Competitive Pricing
Our prices are competitive – providing excellent value given our reliable service, eco-friendly product guarantees, and fully trained staff. We are affordable for all budgets and offer custom quotes catered to your unique cleaning needs.  

4. 5-Star Online Reputation
WellClean maintains a 5-star online reputation earned from rave customer reviews praising our professional staff, flexible scheduling, visible cleaning results, and commitment to 100% satisfaction. We aim to exceed expectations with every job.

5. Satisfaction Guarantee
We guarantee you’ll be fully satisfied after each cleaning. If any issues come up or something isn’t cleaned to standard, we will come back to address problems free of charge. Your happiness is our top priority.

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WellClean FAQ

How to Schedule a Cleaning Appointment?
To schedule a cleaning appointment, Call or submit any form on our website. Our cleaning Specialist will be with you within the next 5 minutes to help you find a cleaning solution for you, provide the estimate, and book a cleaning as per your availability.
If I Book Recurring Services, Will I Have the Same Cleaner Each Time?
Yes, you get assigned a cleaner and a manager. The cleaner or a pair of cleaners will be the same each time since we value your privacy. If one of the cleaners is unavailable, we will send another. In any case, all our cleaners are trained professionals and insured! The manager will be responsible for your satisfaction with our services, so please feel free to let us know about all your cleaning needs and preferences.
Do I need to provide any supplies or equipment?
No, we provide a full service. So, we bring our ECO cleaning supplies and specialized professional equipment for every cleaning unless you prefer us to use yours.
What special deals do you have?
  • 5% OFF for cash payments
  • 10% OFF for the first-time cleaning
  • For orders $250+ steam cleaning of the bathroom is complimentary
  • For orders $350+ steam cleaning of the bathroom and microwave cleaning are complimentary
  • If you move and need both homes cleaned, take 20% OFF for both cleanings.
How can I pay?
You can pay with a debit or credit card or cash. We provide an additional 5% discount in case you decide to pay in cash since we avoid processing fees.

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