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Eco-friendly and hypoallergenic
cleaning products
24-hour service
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Our commitment to each client makes our service the best on the market
24-hour service
If you have found any imperfection
of our service, simply call us after cleaning
and we will fix the issue at no further
cost to you
Fully insured
Rest assured that your furniture and belongings
are safe with carefully selected and highly trained
professionals. Plus, if any accidents happen,
you will be fully compensated
Eco-friendly and hypoallergenic
cleaning products
Products are environmentally friendly,
safe for adults and children, and
individually picked to avoid damaging
any surfaces!
If you are not at home, we can pick up
the keys for free and return them
after cleaning
We work 24 hours
a day
Request cleaning services any time of the day
and night, and our cleaners will arrive at your
apartment the next day!
COVID surface
Our cleaners wear masks while working
and are tested regularly for COVID.
We also sanitize all surfaces as a part
of the cleaning process
Additional services
Save your time and energy on cleaning the toughest spots. We are on it!
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What factors determine the price?
The area size
and number
of rooms
The level
of the room's
Type of
Try out our service and get a 10%
on your first cleaning
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    About the company
    WellClean is the most trusted ECO-cleaning company in the United States & Canada
    We have been cleaning apartments, private homes, and offices for our clients
    for more than 5 years, saving them time, stress, and energy
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    if you are not at home.
    After the cleaning we leave a checklist
    of what have been done
    4.8 out of 5 stars is the average Google rating for our cleaning services.
    Frequently asked question/FAQ
    How do you select cleaners for the team?

    Our interview process includes extensive background and credit checks. We also provide comprehensive and code-complaint training in accordance with industry-leading ECO standards. We also use a shadowing system to give new cleaners practice working under experienced staff. Only after the successful completion of our interviewing and training protocols, our staff is permitted to tackle your jobs!

    What if something I own is stolen or damaged?

    We take careful, stringent measures in hiring only reliable, trustworthy, and full-time employees. While we make every effort to ensure the safety and security of your property and possessions, we are also fully insured so you’re covered in the most unpredictable cases.

    Are you able to clean without my presence?

    Yes, you can leave your keys at the concierge or we will pick them up without a charge (up to 5 km) if you are not at home. Once the property has been cleaned we will deliver them back.

    What if the result still leaves me unsatisfied?

    Although we clean in accordance with strict guidelines, anything may happen. We encourage you to check our work and communicate any issues! We will fix them or find a way to leave you completely satisfied.

    The cleaner will leave a checklist when the job is done. It states everything we have done during the cleaning. Checking the job is simple if you follow the marked positions in the list. If you are at home our cleaners will check with you if we completed everything up to your highest standards.

    What should I do if:

    • You saw dust or stains while the cleaner is still working on the property? Don’t hesitate telling it to the cleaner – we will get it done right!
    • Our cleaners left and you discovered something is wrong? Reach back to us, and we will address the issue right away.
    Can I reschedule or cancel the cleaning?

    Of course! Contact us at (217)-668-8099 to make any changes to your reservation preferably more than 12 hours in advance.

    I have an alarm system. What should I do?

    If your property has a security system and you are away, please include instructions and codes for our staff. Our staff is trained to follow strict security protocols to keep it safe.

    How can I pay?

    You can pay either via debit/credit card during the booking process or we can collect a cash/credit/debit payment as our cleaner arrives at the property.

    We accept Interac e-Transfer payments as an online payment option to avoid any fees from either side.

    Btw, get your 5% discount paying with cash!

    How can I tip my cleaner?

    You can leave a tip in a visible spot or tip the cleaner directly. Otherwise, you can always add your tip to your cashless payment.

    Do you offer dry cleaning for furniture?

    All furniture is thoroughly vacuumed during the cleaning. If you need stain removal and steam cleaning please get in touch with professional furniture cleaning services.

    What don’t we clean?

    Anything outside – this includes balcony areas, exterior windows, patios, garages, and decks.

    We do not clean chandeliers! Chandeliers are unique: they are extremely expensive, typically very intricate, and require their own special treatment.

    Blinds, drapes, and shades. Experience has proven these items to be similar to chandeliers. They are complicated, expensive accents that we do not specialize in.

    Items that require specialized cleaning: chimneys, fireplaces, inside of stove hoods, plants, etc.

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