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We offer the gold standard of cleaning homes in Pickering, ensuring spick never runs out of span. 

A clean house is vital for a healthy, happy household. According to the experts, 79% of households with regular cleanings report having fewer sick days among family members. Yet, with messy pets, kids, and daily dirt, finding time for effective cleaning services Pickering falls low on the priority list.

Without powerful steam cleaners, disinfectants, and various brushes designed for detailed scrubbing, dirt accumulates in hard-to-reach areas that no duster or mop can clean. WellClean understands the struggle homeowners face trying to deep clean their houses using basic supplies and techniques after long workdays.

You can trust the insured crews at WellClean for thorough, reliable house cleaning in Pickering homes. Our experienced technicians employ proven cleaning methods perfected over the years. We perform thorough quality checks of each room after deep scrubbing to guarantee total satisfaction. 

WellClean’s Pickering Home Cleaning Services

Our cleaning company serves all Pickering home cleaning needs, from essential regular maintenance to specialized deep scrubs, offering unbeatable results.

1. Regular Cleaning

Our routine maintenance keeps your home tidy between deep cleans with thorough dusting, vacuuming, mopping hard floors, disinfecting kitchen and bathrooms, and trash removal tailored to your unique schedule and budget. Your living areas will be consistently clean.

2. Deep Cleaning 

Our intensive whole home deep house cleaning services Pickering, tackle embedded dirt, stains, allergens and buildup completely missed by regular light cleanings for a total refresh. We meticulously scrub and sanitize every inch from floor to ceiling, moving furniture to access hard-to-reach spots behind furnishings for uncompromising cleaning.

3. Pickering Carpet Cleaning

WellClean’s powerful carpet cleaning system penetrates deep down to lift years of embedded stains, traffic patterns, allergens, and dust mites hiding from your vacuum. Through a gentle wash and rinse process, we remove unseen grime for fluffy, refreshed carpets. WellClean’s rug cleaning Pickering uses the same system.

4. Window Cleaning

Enjoy beautiful views again with expert window cleaning Pickering services. We thoroughly clean interior and exterior glass inside the pane using non-toxic cleaners that dissolve dirt and eliminate fog for crystal clarity without annoying streaks.

Why Choose WellClean

Don’t settle for just any basic cleaning service. Our award-winning Pickering home cleaning gets real results for a welcoming household.

Guaranteed Results  

We stand behind all our hard work. If you’re not 100% satisfied with any aspect of a cleaning session, contact us within 24 hours of your cleaning and we’ll come back to re-clean the area for free until you’re thrilled with the spotless outcome. 

5-Star Online Ratings

Read the rave real reviews from local Pickering families on our work over the years. Our superior services have earned shining 5-star ratings across Facebook, Google, community boards, and more, giving you total peace of mind.

Professionally Trained Cleaners  

We regularly train our staff to ensure reliable, damage-free services. Each team member completes hands-on mentorship programs with our senior technicians to master the latest, eco-friendly industry practices perfect for Pickering homes and families.

Customized Cleaning Plans  

Each Pickering home environment and lifestyle has completely unique cleaning needs. That’s why we take the time to understand your challenges before creating packages tailored to effectively deep clean where you need it most.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions

Concerned about unhealthy residues and toxins other products leave behind? We exclusively use all-natural cleaners that lift stains and disinfect without harsh fumes, chemicals, or stains in your home or wastewater. Rest assured, our safe formulas won’t harm children, pets, or the planet.

Schedule an Appointment with WellClean Today 

With WellClean, you’ll get unrivaled care from skilled teams you can have genuine confidence in. Contact WellClean today for your tailored Pickering house cleaning!

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You strive to be the best parent, employee, or entrepreneur, and make time in your lives for family and things you enjoy. Everyday tasks such as cooking, laundry, and cleaning house can eat into your time leaving less time to enjoy what you love. Let WellClean do the cleaning and free up your time. Our unique cleaning approach and experience will WOW you.
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That’s How We Clean

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Basic Cleaning
Deep Cleaning
Clean all horizontal Surfaces and Knick Knacks
Wet Cleaning
Wet Cleaning
Doors and Door frames
Wet Cleaning
Lamps & Fans
Wet Cleaning
Mop Floors & Vacuum
Under beds and furniture
Take out Garbage
Clean Railings & Stairs
Wipe furniture exteriors
Excessive dust
Cleaning behind furniture
Light Furniture Only
Add-on Service Windows Cleaning - Interior
Add-on Service Windows Cleaning - Exterior
Add-on Service Wall Cleaning
Add-on Service Upholstery Cleaning (couches, sofas, etc)
Add-on Service Carpet/Rug Cleaning
Area size and number of rooms
Total number of selected services
The level of the room's dirtiness
Suitable cleaning products
Cleaning method
Basic Cleaning
Deep Cleaning
Clean countertops, cabinets, backslashes
Degrease & clean stove
Clean sink and polish faucet
Wipe appliance exteriors
Clean excessive grease on kitchen surfaces
Move & Clean under countertop appliances
Behind Fridge/Stove if moved by customer
Add-on Service Oven inside
Add-on Service Microwave inside
Add-on Service Inside Fridge - Generic
Add-on Service Inside Fridge - Detailing/Deep
Add-on Service Cabinets inside
Add-on Service Dishwasher inside
Area size and number of rooms
Total number of selected services
The level of the room's dirtiness
Suitable cleaning products
Cleaning method
Basic Cleaning
Deep Cleaning
Disinfect & Sanitize toilet bowl and fixtures
more detailed clean
Clean tile & grout
more detailed clean
Clean bathtub, shower, sinks and faucets
more detailed clean
Polish every faucet
more detailed clean
Clean excessive grime, dirt and soap scum
Add-on Service Bathroom Steam Cleaning
Area size and number of rooms
Total number of selected services
The level of the room's dirtiness
Suitable cleaning products
Cleaning method
Basic Cleaning
Deep Cleaning
Bathroom Steam Cleaning
Change linens and Make Beds
Mop/Vacuum under bed
more detailed clean
Area size and number of rooms
Total number of selected services
The level of the room's dirtiness
Suitable cleaning products
Cleaning method

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WellClean FAQ

How to Schedule a Cleaning Appointment?
To schedule a cleaning appointment, Call or submit any form on our website. Our cleaning Specialist will be with you within the next 5 minutes to help you find a cleaning solution for you, provide the estimate, and book a cleaning as per your availability.
If I Book Recurring Services, Will I Have the Same Cleaner Each Time?
Yes, you get assigned a cleaner and a manager. The cleaner or a pair of cleaners will be the same each time since we value your privacy. If one of the cleaners is unavailable, we will send another. In any case, all our cleaners are trained professionals and insured! The manager will be responsible for your satisfaction with our services, so please feel free to let us know about all your cleaning needs and preferences.
Do I need to provide any supplies or equipment?
No, we provide a full service. So, we bring our ECO cleaning supplies and specialized professional equipment for every cleaning unless you prefer us to use yours.
What special deals do you have?
  • 5% OFF for cash payments
  • 10% OFF for the first-time cleaning
  • For orders $250+ steam cleaning of the bathroom is complimentary
  • For orders $350+ steam cleaning of the bathroom and microwave cleaning are complimentary
  • If you move and need both homes cleaned, take 20% OFF for both cleanings.
How can I pay?
You can pay with a debit or credit card or cash. We provide an additional 5% discount in case you decide to pay in cash since we avoid processing fees.

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