Regularly scheduled cleaning to keep
your home spotless.

This option provides regularly scheduled cleanings to keep your space organized.
This is the best option for maintaining minor messiness. For severe contamination,
we suggest you book either basic or deep cleaning.
Maintenance cleaning is excellent if you need to quickly tidy up before guests arrive or regularly clean the home to save your precious time.
from $99
Let us handle your regular cleaning routine!
In every room
We clean glass surfaces and mirrors, as well as the doors, switches, sockets, window sills, and lamps. In addition, we clean the floor, wipe the baseboards, and vacuum the furniture and carpet.
30-40 min
In the bedroom
We change bed linens, take out the trash, clean all home appliances, vacuum, and mop the floor.
30-40 min
In the kitchen
We clean all countertops, wipe the sink, take out the trash, and clean the dining table
About 40 min
In the bathroom
We arrange everything and place it on a flat area (i.e. washing machine). We polish all the faucets, clean the sink, and remove water stains from the bath, vacuum the mat and sanitize the toilet.
About 40 min
In the hallway or living room
Clean and vacuum the floor, wipe the entrance door from the inside and organize the shoes on the rack
20-30 min
Cleaning timelines
1-bedroom apartment – 2,5 hours
2-bedroom apartment – 3,5 hours
3-bedroom apartment – 4,5 hours
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