Comprehensive cleaning to get
a spotless apartment

This is a good starting point for using our services. Imagine you haven’t
tidied your apartment for a while and it looks like a mess. Sounds
like a lot of work… We are here for you - let’s get it cleaned!
from $119
The cleaner leaves a checklist that
includes a detailed summary of
what has been done
In every room
We wipe off all the accessible surfaces, dust the furniture,
vacuum and wash the floor. We would appreciate using
your vacuum cleaner and a step stool for extra reach.
Alternatively, we’ll bring our tools but it may take extra time!
30-40 min
In the bedroom
We will make the bed, organize all the scattered things,
and clean all surfaces, including the switches, sockets, and
batteries. We'll tidy up the workspace, clean the devices,
and polish the mirrors.
30-40 min
In the kitchen
We clean the kitchen countertop, the stove,
and all the appliances from grease. We'll wash
the cooker hood exteriors, clean up the trash can,
and throw out all the garbage.
About 1 hour
In the bathroom
We clean all of the water stains from the surfaces and tile,
wash the mirrors and polish faucets, wash the sink and bath, and
sanitize the toilet. We will wash the walls, floor, and glass
elements of your shower cabin if you have one.
40-60 min
In the hallway or living room
We'll clean the door, wash the shoe shelf, and put the
shoes on it.
Lasts about 30 min
Cleaning timelines
1 bedroom apartment will last 3-3,5 hours
2 bedroom apartment will last 4-4,5 hours
3 bedroom apartment will last 6-7 hours
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